It is the desire of C.B.A. to be an extension of the Christian home. The Scriptures are taught and presented as the inerrant, authoritative Word of God upon which our faith and Christian walk is based. The specific goals are the following:

1. To establish and carry on an educational institution where the
students may obtain a sound Christian education, which allows
children to recognize that God is the central source of knowledge attitudes and skills.

2. To provide a Christ-centered school experience for children in which a
high quality academic result is achieved.

3. To provide an atmosphere where children, teachers and parents can
work together in Christian love, submission, and openness.

4. To provide programs in which the Word of God is studied and
spiritual growth is given its proper place in the total development of
the child. 

5. To lead the child, under the guidance and power of the Holy
Spirit, to an experience of being born of the Spirit through personal
faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

     It is desired that CBA be an extension of the Christian home. The objective of CBA is to teach and present the Scriptures as the inerrant Word of God. God's Word is the basis of our faith and walk as Christians as we seek to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ. 

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