Aims and Objectives

For the spiritual and moral growth of students, the school seeks:
     1. To teach and foster right attitudes toward the Bible as God?s inspired Word.
     2. To lead pupils into a personal, saving relationship with Christ as Lord and Savior.
     3. To engender a desire to know and do the will of God.
     4. To teach students to evaluate all ideas and conduct in order to make wise judgments 
         based on God?s absolute truth.
     5. To foster student self-discipline based on reverence for God and respect for all 
     6. To encourage a God-consciousness in students and help them develop a consistent 
         Christian philosophy of life by integrating all subjects with the Bible.
II. For students? personal and social development, the school aims:

     1. To develop a proper understanding and acceptance of themselves as God made                  them and to help them in the full development of their capabilities in Christ.
     2. To foster wholesome personal relationships through development of social skills         based on the Christian concept of love.
     3. To show a realistic and Biblical view of life and work and provide skills for future
         endeavors in college and/or an occupation.
     4. To develop the proper attitudes, understandings, and skills necessary to the
         establishment of God-honoring homes.
III. Academically, the school endeavors:
     1. To promote high academic standards that help students gain a comprehensive
         command of the fundamental process used in communicating with others.
     2. To teach and encourage the formation of good study habits.
     3. To teach students methods of research.
     4. To develop creative and critical thinking and the proper use of Biblical criteria for
     5. To help students develop positive attitudes toward learning.
     6. To encourage students to realize their full academic potential as individuals uniquely
         created by God.
     7. To promote good citizenship through an understanding and appreciation of our
         Christian and American heritage of freedom and human dignity.
     8. To impart a knowledge of current world affairs and relate them to God?s plan for man.
     9. To encourage students to continue the use of these acquired academic skill to fulfill.

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